What We Can Learn From Joe Goldberg from “You”

By now you have either watched or heard about the Netflix series “You”. I binged season 1 and 2 as soon as they appeared on my New Releases list. I won’t necessarily spoil it for you in this post (but if you’ve not yet watched it and don’t want to know anything about it, step away from this post and come back later) but I will tell you something I just realized regarding the series.

I truly enjoyed both seasons and am sad that I have to wait a year for season 3. I enjoyed it so much that I did what I always do, recommended it to family members to watch. Yes, I’m the one they ask if there is something good to watch on Netflix. Oddly enough, if you were to have a glance at the types of movies and shows we watch, you’ll notice we like movies that deal with the psyche.

I saw all of the memes going around social media with things Joe might say regarding various situations. Here are a couple:

Joe is the kind of guy who believes in love at first sight. It’s kinda romantic until you remember that he is basically stalking people. What I noticed about him that was brought to my attention by my brother is what Joe notices about people while he is stalking them, Not only does he stalk them for his own guilty pleasure but he is attempting to upgrade them. Hear me out. It took my brother repeating this over to me and me seeing the endless memes to better understand it.

Joe analyzes his subjects and sees what he considers as their flaws and how he in some way could improve them.. for him and them. He definitely has some type of mental health issue (definitely not trying to label him as a narcissistic psychopath but his shoes fit well).

Now go back and watch both seasons, the memes, and let me know your thoughts!

The Presbytère: A Louisiana State Museum

The year 2005 was such a detrimental year for the state of Louisiana. At that time I was in college back in Georgia. I can recall watching the news and hearing about the pending Hurricanes heading towards New Orleans. I remember feeling anxious for the people there but hopeful that the storm would just pass them by. Fast forward to August 29, 2005, a day that forever changed the residents of Louisiana.

There are two things that this museum hopes to show you: that this state is resilient and celebratory throughout everything. I have been able to witness that in my few months of living here. Downstairs of the museum is dedicated to the Hurricanes that struck: Katrina and Rita for example. Upstairs is dedicated to Mardi Gras: It’s Carnival Time in Louisiana.

When you walk around the first floor you get a sense of the mass destruction the storms caused in such a short amount of time. News Reports, eyewitness accounts, and artifacts left behind from the storm surround you as you walk through the exhibit. Below are a few photographs from the First Floor Living with Hurricanes: Katrina & Beyond.

Fat Domino’s Piano

One of the most touching parts in the exhibit for me was Tommie Mabry’s Wall. It was his daily diary beginning just one day prior to the storm to weeks following that he kept on his apartment wall. The details, pain, heartache, and fright he must’ve felt are all immortalized on the wall.

Find below a few photographs I took of the Mardi Gras exhibit:

I definitely recommend a visit to this museum while visiting New Orleans. The building itself has a rich history worth noting. It was built in 1791 to match the Cabildo alongside the St. Louis Cathedral. It is located in the French Quarter at 751 Chartres Street. Visit their site to learn more about the museum and schedule your tour.

New Orleans Food and Spirits

If you’re looking for Cajun Seafood outside of New Orleans, stop by this quaintly styled restaurant in Covington, LA.

Okay, so I am mostly a Pescatarian so I was super excited to eat some delicious seafood. If you live in Louisiana or are visiting, you MUST have some Chargrilled Oysters; so of course I had to have an order myself. They were absolutely delicious. A few places I have tried have been too charred or too salty. These were perfect! I opted for the 1/2 dozen as I had ordered the Hawaiian Salmon with Potato Salad as my entree.

The salmon was cooked medium and was juicy; not dry at all. It was a pretty big piece as well so I left feeling full but not overly stuffed. The potato salad wasn’t your traditional texture and was moreso whipped than chunky. Overall, I enjoyed my meal and would definitely go back.

If you’re interested in dining there yourself, visit their website here to see the menu.

Audubon Zoo Lights

I went to visit the Audubon Zoo Lights and I must say that it extremely beautiful. If you want to visit, the remaining dates and tickets can be found here. There are shows, opportunities to take pictures with Santa Claus, Elves Workshop, and much more. Below are a few of the animal-themed lights and other displays I got to see as I ventured around the park.

Christmas Movies: For Our Viewing Pleasure?

I must admit, I have never been into the sappy Christmas movies that we see yearly on Hallmark,  Lifetime and now OWN.  As of the last two years I have gravitated towards them more. Not necessarily for the “you can only be happy at Christmas if you have your Knight in Shining Armour to take home to your family” message.  Yes, it reminds us that nobody wants to be lonely; but true love comes when it’s supposed to come. What I have found seems to be a deeper message.

Don’t get me wrong, every year I watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” and cry my big eyes out! It’s my favorite traditional Christmas movie of all time! I know every year that Clarence will get his wings but it makes me cry nonetheless. The hardships we saw with poor George Bailey and his family just simply trying to make it holds a special place in my heart. The sappier Christmas movies these days attempt to do the same but don’t bring the same effect of movies of their prior days.

Life gets busy and often hectic. We get into our own routines, we make plans for bigger and better, and we often find ourselves feeling like we are missing out on something. Next thing you know time has passed by and we wake up feeling unfulfilled.  The Christmas movies have these reminders that we need to take a step back, remember who we are, what’s important, and to take charge of our lives.

I always watch these women who remind me of myself: overworked,  slightly jaded,  and ready for something new.  Sound familiar? I think these are a few of the reasons many of us snuggle up on our couches winter after winter to watch Christmas movies. Maybe…just maybe… the little child in us still believes in Christmas miracles!

Protecting Your Peace

The most important thing a person a can have is inner peace. One word I have heard more than I have cared to hear this year is toxic. Typically when one speaks of toxicity, they are speaking of others and not themselves. I am hopeful that in 2020, people are more accountable for their own actions instead of blaming others. The constant shift blaming to deflect guilt, to avoid shame, or to downright have pure angst towards someone else MUST be draining.

I’ve consciously made it a point to not take myself around anyone if they do not bring me peace, joy, or happiness in any form. I believe in protecting my space and energy. If you’re an empath like me, your energy can be thrown off by someone else’s energy because you are attuned to other’s moods. The positive and negative vibes emitted from them can attach themselves to you and either energize or drain you.

Negativity is not only something that you don’t want to be around, but also speak. There is power in the tongue. You’ve heard that before, right? When you speak what you want you’re manifesting but did you know when you speak negativity you’re also manifesting it? Begin speaking the things you want into your life instead of dwelling on the bad.

One thing that I like to do for myself when I get home is light a candle. For me, this small act of lighting a candle signifies a few things: warmth from the flame, soothing aroma from the scent, and an overall sense of calmness. This might not be your daily routine of relaxation, but find one. What you may find is that whatever you had to deal with outside of your home doesn’t matter for those few moments that you’re taking for yourself.

Let today be the day that you rid yourself of your bad habits. Make a commitment to yourself of being positive in your decisions. Do not wait until 2020 to protect your peace. Dedicate the next few months of your life to you and see how amazing things go. You’ve done so much with trying to please others, let’s work on you now!

Here’s a shot to you! Cheers!

Ro James: Last Time

It’s Freaky Friday the 13th and instead of being all spooked because of the day, let’s talk about the talented Ro James and his latest single release since 2018, “Last Time”. This song is nothing short of sexy. Now, if you’ve been following my instagram for awhile then you already know I met him a few years ago around my birthday for a Private Meet & Greet in Macon, GA when he released “Permission”.

I’m a huge fan of his music and voice. The song starts off with a sample of Usher’s 2004 “Can U Handle It” and you’re automatically drawn into the song. He then ask ” Tell me when’s the last time he noticed all your efforts, told you that you lookin’ good today baby, tell me when’s the last time, he told you that he wants you and he’s happy that he made you his lady?”. As his sultry voices continues to question you and have you questioning your relationship status, you melt just a little more.


Nola, Kela?

So I have literally been missing BUT very much in action the last few months. I was promoted with my company and relocated to New Orleans a few months ago. I’ve been learning my new role, adapting to the minor culture shock, enjoying the food and learning my surroundings. It has had it’s challenges but the free spirit in me has always been able to adapt to change.

I’ve always been a small town girl with city girl dreams so when the opportunity was presented to me I went for it! I’ve lived in a few major cities and what I can say about New Orleans is that it has it’s own unique flair. I cannot wait to share with you all the next journey of my life here.

Stay tuned!

Taceaux Loceaux

This sunday I opted for one of my personal favorites for lunch… Mexican Food! I swung by Taceux Loceaux at 737 Octavia Street in New Orleans. This colorful spot not only has beautiful artwork painted on the walls, but the menu is filled with flavorful options for the pickiest taco lover. The owner recommended the Seoul Man which had Bugolgi Chicken and the Brisket taco. I also tried the Avocado Fries which may be my new favorite snack!

I also had to try the Hibiscus Margarita as they make their own Hibiscus Tea in-house so trying the Margarita was a must.

If you can’t make it into the restaurant don’t fret. They do have a food truck that you can monitor their instagram for their location around town!

Wolf Creek Plantation: Tasting Room

Last month I had an opportunity to visit Wolf Creek Plantation in Americus, GA. I work in corporate america and my job, like most people’s job, is super stressful. I decided to grab a few friends and make it a girl’s day trip. Nothing sounds more relaxing than wine, laughter, and a group of girls who just want to have fun, Yes, that was me typing out Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

We had the chance to taste about six of the locally grown wines! All of the wines were delicious to me. I picked up the Sweet Southern Peach, Number 9 Sweet Red Wine, and the Colony Thirteen Red wine which is a dry wine.

Schedule your wine tasting or visit the vineyard. You will not be disappointed. If you enjoy muscadine wines and want to visit somewhere in Georgia that has a locally grown vineyard, Wine Creek Plantation is your destination.