The Presbytère: A Louisiana State Museum

The year 2005 was such a detrimental year for the state of Louisiana. At that time I was in college back in Georgia. I can recall watching the news and hearing about the pending Hurricanes heading towards New Orleans. I remember feeling anxious for the people there but hopeful that the storm would just pass them by. Fast forward to August 29, 2005, a day that forever changed the residents of Louisiana.

There are two things that this museum hopes to show you: that this state is resilient and celebratory throughout everything. I have been able to witness that in my few months of living here. Downstairs of the museum is dedicated to the Hurricanes that struck: Katrina and Rita for example. Upstairs is dedicated to Mardi Gras: It’s Carnival Time in Louisiana.

When you walk around the first floor you get a sense of the mass destruction the storms caused in such a short amount of time. News Reports, eyewitness accounts, and artifacts left behind from the storm surround you as you walk through the exhibit. Below are a few photographs from the First Floor Living with Hurricanes: Katrina & Beyond.

Fat Domino’s Piano

One of the most touching parts in the exhibit for me was Tommie Mabry’s Wall. It was his daily diary beginning just one day prior to the storm to weeks following that he kept on his apartment wall. The details, pain, heartache, and fright he must’ve felt are all immortalized on the wall.

Find below a few photographs I took of the Mardi Gras exhibit:

I definitely recommend a visit to this museum while visiting New Orleans. The building itself has a rich history worth noting. It was built in 1791 to match the Cabildo alongside the St. Louis Cathedral. It is located in the French Quarter at 751 Chartres Street. Visit their site to learn more about the museum and schedule your tour.

Audubon Zoo Lights

I went to visit the Audubon Zoo Lights and I must say that it extremely beautiful. If you want to visit, the remaining dates and tickets can be found here. There are shows, opportunities to take pictures with Santa Claus, Elves Workshop, and much more. Below are a few of the animal-themed lights and other displays I got to see as I ventured around the park.

Wolf Creek Plantation: Tasting Room

Last month I had an opportunity to visit Wolf Creek Plantation in Americus, GA. I work in corporate america and my job, like most people’s job, is super stressful. I decided to grab a few friends and make it a girl’s day trip. Nothing sounds more relaxing than wine, laughter, and a group of girls who just want to have fun, Yes, that was me typing out Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

We had the chance to taste about six of the locally grown wines! All of the wines were delicious to me. I picked up the Sweet Southern Peach, Number 9 Sweet Red Wine, and the Colony Thirteen Red wine which is a dry wine.

Schedule your wine tasting or visit the vineyard. You will not be disappointed. If you enjoy muscadine wines and want to visit somewhere in Georgia that has a locally grown vineyard, Wine Creek Plantation is your destination.

Cantu’s Secret Garden

This past sunday I got invited to an intimate gathering of beauty influencers at the chic 433 Bishop Event Venue in Atlanta. The super cute event had flirtsy drinks, delicious bites, an area to make flower hair pieces and a panel discussing transitioning to natural hair.

Blogger Melissa Cantey, also known as Melissachanel hosted the panel with Lexiwiththecurls and Fabolous Bre. We got to hear their experiences as naturals who transitioned instead of big chopping as well as their favorite Cantu products.

This line is pronounced Tex-ture and is salon-inspired with a foundation in conditioning, The line is lightweight, hydrates the hair, soothes dry scalp, and helps to minimize split ends.

So I was feeling cute and in theme to the Secret Garden. Check out my look: