2022: Try A Little Tenderness

TLC melodically told us to not chase waterfalls and stick to the rivers and the lakes that we’re used to… did we though? Waterfalls are so much more appealing than the soothing rivers that we know will take us up and down stream. The much easier route seems like a bore. Rivers can have turbulence. Lakes can be shallow or deep. At this point, it seems like chasing anything really is the issue moreso than what you’re chasing. Let’s allow 2022 to be easier and not unnecessarily complicate our lives chasing waterfalls that weigh us down literally, figuratively, and emotionally!

Raise a glass as well as your standards in 2022! Be a little more gentler with yourself. Allow room for growth, mistakes, and lessons!
This year we should try the tenderness Otis Redding sang about and maybe our hearts won’t be so hardened and burdened. After you’ve let go of everything you cant change, begin your list(s) of things you want ro accomplish. These goals can be long term or short term.

You can either quit or keep going. You cannot do both. Be gentle.

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