Expecting You in Others

I’ve been seeing memes on social media where people have been posting about having to stop expecting “you” from people. I am in agreement with that because when people don’t behave in a way that we would we are immediately upset, hurt, and unable to fathom how they do the opposite of what we would do.

Here you go again. Setting those expectations that everyone is as considerate as you, as sincere, as loving, and that you can rely on them. Disappointed… again? Another birthday passed in which none of your loved ones attempted to make sure you were celebrated. Somehow you only assumed that when you tailored their birthday gifts to fit them perfectly or changed your plans to attend their at minimum mandatory $50 birthday dinner that they would do the same.Did you stay on the phone to listen to your friend tell you all about how her man has cheated for the fifteenth time and how her job is so stressful but has never asked you how you were doing one time in the forty-seven minute phone call? Better yet, are you the dependable one that everyone ask for money when they are short but never ask you if you need anything?

Expecting you from others is exhausting. We wonder why everyone can’t do the simple things that they would want to be done to them or for them. Is it too complicated or is it only a complication when we have to put forth action that doesn’t reward us? I do believe in doing things out of the kindness of your heart with no expectation of receiving anything. This prevents one from feeling overwhelmed and used. Give what you can afford and don’t give what you can’t: love, time, energy, etc.

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