No is a Complete Sentence

It is perfectly okay to say no and give no explanation for that. To not feel compelled to provide a thesis as to why you cannot, will not, and shall not consider doing something. Too often we become these over-thinkers who want to rationalize with ourselves on providing reasons to others on our decisions. Since when did we have to give validity to other’s acceptance of hearing us say no?

Disappointment. Judgment. Neglect. All of these or none of these sometimes hold us against our better decisions to agreeing to things we shouldn’t. How many times have you gone to a party because your best friend wanted you to go only for you to scroll social media the whole night? How many times have you loaned money to someone that you know can’t and won’t pay you back only because you don’t want to be “that person” who forgot how hard times can be?

When you begin to say no more to others you are in actuality saying yes to yourself. You’re giving yourself more time to developing yourself, your ideas, and allowing mistakes to be made and resolved, I’m not saying to go around saying no to everything. Make the best decisions for your life and circumstances so that you are in a better situation than you’ve ever been in before. Stop feeling challenged to provide excuses when your no is enough.


3 thoughts on “No is a Complete Sentence

  1. I feel like I needed to read this, especially when you stated saying no more to others is say yes to yourself. Too often some of us with big hearts out the needs of others before our own and then turn around and have not a soul we can depend on.


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