Ro James: Last Time

It’s Freaky Friday the 13th and instead of being all spooked because of the day, let’s talk about the talented Ro James and his latest single release since 2018, “Last Time”. This song is nothing short of sexy. Now, if you’ve been following my instagram for awhile then you already know I met him a few years ago around my birthday for a Private Meet & Greet in Macon, GA when he released “Permission”.

I’m a huge fan of his music and voice. The song starts off with a sample of Usher’s 2004 “Can U Handle It” and you’re automatically drawn into the song. He then ask ” Tell me when’s the last time he noticed all your efforts, told you that you lookin’ good today baby, tell me when’s the last time, he told you that he wants you and he’s happy that he made you his lady?”. As his sultry voices continues to question you and have you questioning your relationship status, you melt just a little more.


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